Top Cities in the US for a Destination Wedding

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The weekend is over. We had the best time celebrating Leland’s one year old birthday on Sunday! He had a jungle party theme and it was the cutest.  I’m sitting here on the couch writing this blog post “Top Cities in The US for a Destination Wedding,” and it’s freezing outside, but I have my big fuzzy warm robe on and hot tea in my hand, so its not too bad. I’ve come to the conclusion that “winter” in Texas is way colder then I thought.  Moving from the freeezzzing cold temps of Wisconsin I thought the winters here would be super warm, and I would never have to own a coat. Well, when it gets cold here, its COLD!!! Good news, this week its back in the 70’s, so we can all jump for joy. Sorry to all my Wisconsin friends reading this:) The past 8 months I’ve grown to love Texas way more then I ever thought I would.  It’s seriously the best place.  And we couldn’t be more thankful for our dear friendship that we have made along the way.

If you are a newly engaged bride that is planning a destination wedding then this post is for you! With lots of research and reading I’ve been doing, destination weddings are on the rise and will continue to be. Many brides are wanting to travel to a new or exotic location to get married.  If you want a certain climate then a destination wedding is your choice. Here’s a list of some statistics I’ve found online about destination weddings.

+One out of four weddings are destination

+The top locations for destination weddings in the USA are Florida, California and Nevada.

+The top three locations for destination wedding outside the continental US are Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii.

+The average cost of a destination wedding in the continental US is $225 per person

+The average number of guests at a destination wedding is 86. The average number of guests at a traditional wedding is 141.

+Weather is the number one reason for choosing a destination. 9 out of 10 couples say that the climate at the destination wedding location was a critical factor.

+Guests spend three or more days at the destination wedding location, on average.

+30% of all couples that have a destination wedding will have a party back home after the wedding.

+60% of destination wedding couples pay for the wedding themselves. It is a trend that the wedding is paid for by the bride/groom rather than the parents.

Now that we know a little bit of info about destination weddings lets dive into a few of the Top Cities In the US For A Destination Wedding.



San Francisco, California

San Francisco averages about 65 degrees year-round, any time is the right time. If you are looking for an urban vibe, or a west coast wedding, San Francisco is the place for you.  Plus, who doesn’t love the golden gate bridge. Make sure your guest dress in warm layers because the evenings can cool off. Plus, if you are a foodie then you found the right place.

Jackson Hole,WY

If you are a lover of mountains then I can’t think of a more beautiful place in the USA to get married.  Jackson Hole, WY has been a top place for a destination wedding.  The Summers and Fall in Jackson Hole are stunning. Just don’t get married here in the winter because you will get snowed in, unless you want a snowy wedding. In the winter it can be an almost impossible place to get into. Your guests can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, fly-fishing and checking out the local shops. Or ski the famous Teton mountains.

Maui, HI

One of the many amazing things about Maui, HI is anytime year round the weather is pretty much perfect! The off season which is  the summer is where you will save some cash and avoid the tourist. Maui is so romantic and filled with beautiful waterfalls and rainbows. Its beaches are also considered to be among the best anywhere! Your guest can enjoy hiking, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and driving the famous “Road to Hana.”

Park City, UT

Party City is known for its majestic peaks like the French Alps. What is very intriguing to many people is that the drive to Salt Lake City is only 40 mins. So you aren’t as much land locked as another mountain town, plus its home to three of the world-class ski resorts.  If you want to get married during ski season then you should plan around Dec-through mid April!

New York City, NY

Any month can be a good month for a New York Wedding. Most of the cities main attractions are indoors. Known for “the city that never sleeps” your wedding guests will have an endless about of stuff to do.  From Broadway shows, food galore, block after block of shopping, and the classic tourist attractions. Be careful though the summers can be very humid, so plan accordingly. New York will always be one of the top cities in the US for a destination wedding.


Key West, FL

The Keys have a distinct old-Florida vibe, meaning there is a lot of wildlife and nature. Its a perfect chill place for a destination wedding. And the climate is pretty perfect year round. (Just avoid the hurricane season) Your guest will have fun at the white sand beaches, chilling in your bungalow, or checking out all the cute shops.

Las Vegas, NV

If you want to party and have fun then Las Vegas is the place for your destination wedding. Avoid the summer, It gets wayy too hot. Spring offers the best temperature.  Las Vegas offers so many different variety of ballrooms, romantic chic pools, plus hundreds of resorts and hotels.

I hope this helped planning for your destination wedding so much easier!

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Top Cities In the US For A Destination Wedding

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