How to Make Rustic Log Table Numbers

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Looking for simple and fun rustic log table numbers that will spice up your wedding centerpieces without breaking the bank? These log cut chalk numbers are super easy to make and look adorable for any style of wedding!

Rustic Log Table Numbers:

  • Time: 15-30
  • Minutes Cost: $20-25


Supplies Needed:

Step One: Trace a circle on your chalkboard contact paper using an object that will help you get it perfectly round. I used a candle holder. You will then cut out the circle using your scissors.


Step Two: Stick the contact paper onto the wood! Be sure that there is no dust or debris on the wood surface to ensure a good hold.

Step Three: Create some numbers! I used my favorite chalkboard marker because I like it a lot more than using chalk. It lasts longer, doesn’t smear as easily, and is a little bit easier to draw with (at least for me!).

Rustic Log Table Numbers

There you have it! Super cute and easy. These rustic log table numbers won’t take you much time at all to make and they are a great way to direct your wedding guests. They’re definitely a big improvement over just using a folded piece of paper!

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