How to Make a Perfect Wedding Coffee Bar

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Hey everyone! With the craft coffee craze these days it’s time to up the bean game at your wedding! At my wedding we really went all-out on our coffee bar–and it was a huge hit! So today I’m going to show you 4 tips on how to style a perfect wedding coffee bar! We did a entire photoshoot on this topic–take a peek below!

1. Setup and Design

When it comes to getting a perfect wedding coffee bar look, really think through your setup and design. I wanted mine to have a coffee shop vibe. With that in mind, I choose to go with this awesome custom chalk sign and two rustic old barrels. Think creatively, there are endless possibilities.


2. Banners

Banners pull everything together at weddings! So why not string a few above and below your coffee bar? It’s a fun and easy way to make it all “pop!”



3. Think Details

Details are everything! All the little things matter–-especially on your wedding day! Add little mustaches to your straws and chalk stickers to your creamers. Just have fun and unleash your imagination!




 4. Good Coffee

With coffee shops on the trend, make sure you have some great tasting coffee. Please DO NOT settle for Folgers! Nothin’ worse than serving your wedding guests bad coffee! I recommend using a local roaster’s freshest batch of coffee beans. Also, think about having a friend who has experience in the barista world run your coffee bar. But most importantly make sure you have fun!!


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  1. Chalk Banner
  2. Menu Sign (Comes blank)
  3. Burlap Banners
  4. Stripped Coffee Sleeves
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