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I don’t know about you, but this fall weather is making me want to start sipping apple cider and crafting into the wee hours of the night! I love the holidays for family time, cozy sweaters, and–of course–having parties! Nothing better then socializing with your best friends and loved ones.  As you already know, designing and DIYing is my thing! So naturally I had to come up with a beautiful holiday eucalyptus garland for you guys! It’s so pretty….and it may involve pinecones!

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland:

  • Time: 20-30 mins
  • Cost: $10-$15

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

The Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. ~Floral Scissors
  2. ~Floral Wire
  3. ~Pinecones
  4. ~Roses
  5. ~Eucalyptus of choice
  6. ~Hot Glue Gun
  7. ~Ribbon or Cord

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 1:

The fun part comes first! We are going to start by making stems for our pinecones! With your floral wire measure about 8 inches in length and create a stem with multiple pieces of wire.

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 2:

With your hot glue gun and pinecone, glue the wire onto the pinecone! Make sure you created a flat edge on your wire so it glues on easily. Hold until dry!

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 3: 

It should look like the photo above! Now create about 5-6 more, depending on the size of your garland. For my 6ft table I used about 5 pinecones.

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 4:

Now that we have our pinecone stems made, we move onto our greenery! Trim the stems off of your greenery and roses, we want to leave about 10 inches of greenery!

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 5:

With our greenery, roses and pinecones we are going to create a mini bouquet!

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 6:

Take your wire and wrap it very tightly around the base of the bouquet.

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 7:

Create 5 more mini bouquets! Just like the photo above.

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 8: 

Take your chord or ribbon and lay it down on the length of your table.

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 9:

Take your first bouquet and lay it on top of the cord. Now with your wire wrap tightly around your bouquet and the cord (which is your anchor).

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Step 10: 

Keep repenting step 9 until you have reached the full length of your table!

Holiday Eucalyptus Garland

Finally, grab your phone and call all your friends for a holiday party at your house! Or, rethink how your want to decorate your holiday-themed wedding!






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