DIY Vintage Chalk Frame (Part One)

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Katherine shows you how to make perfect vintage chalk signs–the quick and easy way! Watch the video for detailed instructions and then Pin the pictures for your future reference!


Gold Frames – Chalk Marker or Chalk – Adhesive Chalkboard Paper – Spray on clear glue

 Frame Stand –Scissors – Measuring Tape

wedding chalk signs


Find that perfect vintage frame. Resale shops have the best selections! Thats where I get all of mine!

Purchase some blackboard contact paper with a sticky back.

1468292759489Measure the width of your frame. If your frame is 8×10 you want to cut your contact paper to about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch bigger.


Now comes the tricky part. Very carefully (with the back of the chalkboard paper removed) stick the contact paper onto the glass frame.


Using your fingertip slowly swipe back and forth to create a smooth surface.  Sticking it on without swiping back and forth will cause bumps and bubbles.


Fold the corners over and stick on the back! There you have it! How easy was that? And you didn’t have to deal with the mess of chalkboard paint.


Click here for some helpful tips on creating better chalk art!

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