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The Dream Wedding DIY blog is where you’ll find creative, fun, and simple DIY ideas and decorating videos for your wedding! Here, it’s all about making your wedding decorating–from bohemian table centerpieces to rustic coffee bars–fun and easy for you! We promise to give you the best resources, ideas, and DIYs all the while keeping it as beyond adorable and budget-friendly as possible.

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About Katherine King

I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Katherine. First and foremost, I’m both Leland’s mommy and the wife of the most incredible man, my husband and business teammate, JD. He and I were married on August 2, 2014. My love for all things wedding design started in the wooded rural Wisconsin hills. I became pretty much obsessed with making my friends’ weddings come together in fun and creative decor and detail. But then, I got engaged! For 9 months I was in heaven planning all the details of our wedding! We were married in Sheboygan county in a old, rustic barn not far from where I grew up. barn-wedding It was so much fun! We managed to pull off our dream barn wedding with 300+ guests, and for under $10K. It was a TON of work, but thats where my passion for beginning a wedding blog and shop really started! You’re probably wondering how in the world we pulled it off. I’m currently writing an ebook, but I’ll give you a little back history on our wedding and the rustic barn we were married in.

The Barn Wedding

The moment I became engaged I knew I wanted to get married in a barn.  But at the time, we didn’t have the means to fork over cash for an official barn wedding venue.  Besides, in Wisconsin, there are barns everywhere. However not all barns are wedding material. After searching and searching and not making much progress I sort of lost hope and nearly resorted to an outdoor wedding near my parents property.  But, dreams do really come true! A good friend of ours caught wind of my desire to get married in a rustic barn and called up his friend who owned this gem. Now, at the time it didn’t quite look beautiful. It was rather nasty on the inside and full of bird poop, straw, dirt, and LOTS of weed overgrowth.  The owner thought I was CRAZY! The barn hadn’t been used in years. He seriously looked at me and was like “why do you want to get married in this barn”. I had in my head the vision and I knew instantly I could turn this dirty place into barn magic.  After many months of sweat, weed whacking, scrubbing, and wood repair (thanks to my dad’s carpentry skills) the barn was finally Pinterest wedding worthy!JD and Katherine King Barn Wedding

I wanted real china plates, real flatware and mason jars for cups. Over the summer I hit up the resale shops and gathered around 350 plates and 350 sets of flatware. I also sewed my own cloth napkins, planted and grew my own flowers, made my own wedding favors, lace runners, designed my own flower bouquets, boutonnières, wedding invitations, programs and we wrote our own vows. whoah. I know thats not for everyone! But I loved every minute of it.

The Move

My husband and I just moved from Wisconsin to the sunny state of Texas this past spring, and we love it! We survived our first real Texas summer and are so far enjoying the warmer winters, but maybe missing the snow a little bit (snowboarding trip, anyone?). I love spending each day with the ones I love and most importantly my relationship with Christ who is my all-in-all. Without him I wouldn’t be anywhere.

Best Wishes,

Katherine King