5 Table Setting Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

Katherine King

Hey guys! Hope your week is going great! I’m back in the swing of things after being crazy busy with traveling and life. I’m ready to create some fun video content for you all! I am officaily taking over the editing and filming myself!  So everything you now see will be from yours truly. My husband has trained me well, and I can just get a lot more done without having to wait on him. I mean he’s amazing and gives me the best tips, but he works a full time job and life is busy!  So with that, I’m going to crank out videos every Wednesday and Saturday for ya’ll! Send me a message with ideas for some fun DIY videos you want me to create! Anything wedding, or party related! Ready, Set, GO!! I need ideas! Also, If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably should, I’ll be posting my videos there first.

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